Privacy Policy

We do not store your data, period.

All apps developed by Fei Kuan do not have any connectivity (internet, bluetooth, etc.) or storage (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE etc.) permissions, meaning there is no way we can gather, transmit, or store anything about you. All apps developed by Fei Kuan are open sourced, and you are welcome to take a copy of our code and verify our claims yourselves.

Certain apps by Fei Kuan do store your preferences and settings that you provided in-app in a Preferences file managed by Android through PreferenceManager. The app is only able to access what was stored by the app, and since there is no internet connectivity permission, we are unable to gather this information. For example, the Streak Reminder app collects your preference on how often you wanted to be notified by streaks and stores it through PreferenceManager and be accessed to schedule notifications, but we are unable to get this information.

Please note that certain buttons or options within our apps link to external websites or apps, which are governed by their Privacy Policies. For example, the Streak Reminder app contains a link to, which has its own Privacy Policy. Please also note that Google will also collect your usage data about apps installed through Google Play (where our apps are available on) and report to developers. We are able to see information about you through Google Play Developer Console, including your country, language, Android version, app version, device brand, model, and crash reports. No personally identifiable information or sensitive data is collected to the best of our knowledge. Since we are not collecting these information, please consult Google for this collection behavior.